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Release Excess Weight Easily and Keep It Off Permanently

Improve your Health, Self-esteem and Confidence and Begin to Take Charge of Your Life.

Using trance work, and other techniques developed from our experience and training as hypnotherapists, healers and NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, these sessions will enable you to draw on the resources within you to learn how to:

• Enjoy food and exercise to ensure you always keep to the level of fitness and weight that you want
• Feel completely comfortable with your body
• Experience more energy and vitality

Many clients take control of their eating habits and begin to lose weight within 1-3 sessions.

Regaining control of what they eat results in increased self-esteem and confidence.

Client Elaine of Llanybydder brought her uncontrolled “comfort” eating back under her control after one session. After a second session her weight remains steady, she is less anxious and emotional issues that we worked on have been ironed out too. She described it as “like switching a light on and off – like being put back into control of that part of your life – but it’s not like being on a diet and each time feeling you’ve blown it if you have a binge. I can indulge occasionally if I choose to, but I’m in control of what I eat.”

Clients like Elaine benefit from help and can then take control of their routine, of the way they eat and what they eat. Other people may have psychological blocks going back to their childhood which will take a few more sessions to work through. Again, others, may need more ongoing help to maintain motivation, especially if a large amount of weight needs to be lost. In this case monthly “top-up” sessions can be useful.

Client Cheryl of Carmarthen came to see Hazel as she didn’t feel in control of her life. She lost 9lbs over the course of three sessions, losing 1-2lbs a week. She said “I haven’t been on a diet, and I’m not hungry at all. I eat no rubbish and think about what I eat. I am more relaxed and in control. My children and colleagues at work have noticed that I’m happier and more positive, even about things I can’t do anything about. Before I would been unnerved by aggressive people – now I can just be detached from my anxiety and deal with them. I feel very different. It’s nothing like I expected. When we do trance work I know I’m in control of what’s happening. I’m not asleep but feel in such a very comfortable state. I feel in control even when I could be quite vulnerable. The positive changes I’ve made have had beneficial effects on my family and my colleagues.”

The Life Change Therapy article below was published in the S. Wales Evening Post 17th September 2010:

First the good news:- it is definitely possible for you to release weight quite easily and naturally, in a slow but sure and controlled manner, until you reach your ideal weight – without special diets or food fads and while still enjoying food. There is even no need to join a gym! Amazingly, you can also release ‘blocks’, for example to confidence and creativity, at the same time.

To understand the real underlying reason why you became overweight you need to know something of how the mind works. Reasons vary from person to person, although there are some common ones. You are probably not aware of your own.

Something always prevents you from achieving your goal. You may realise that you snack too much, or perhaps that you sometimes binge on food. But however hard you try to change, you simply cannot avoid putting the pounds on over time. You may lose a few pounds on that special diet, but after a while, you are right back where you started.

Whenever you feel that you are ‘banging your head against a brick wall’ there is a very good chance that the problem is a ‘program’ that you have in your sub-conscious mind. Then you are thwarted from achieving your goal, whether it is getting rid of excess weight and returning to fitness, or another aim in life. These ‘programs ‘are often bound up with emotions and they are like computer programs in that they always enact with the same results when triggered.

You may ‘comfort eat’ when upset, or when things go wrong – this is a classic example of a program that was created through habit. Any upset can trigger the running of the ‘program’. That comfort eating is an emotional response to insecurity or a lack of confidence.

Programs such as this sometimes have their origins before you reached the age of 7, before you could assess accurately what is really true or false. As a child you accepted everything your parents and teachers said and did as ‘truth’ and ‘normality’. So if they unthinkingly said or did things that damaged your self esteem, you could have problems all your life, though they never meant you such harm. Sometimes a ‘program’ only becomes a problem later in life, but its real beginning was much earlier.

Powerful techniques can enable you to gain control over destructive ‘programs’ that may be running in your sub conscious mind, and to permanently change them. These techniques, developed over years by the originators of ‘Life Change Therapy‘, include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and other newer innovations that use the creative power of the mind.

Real change can start after just one session and can usually be completed in three or four. The therapy is completely safe and well tested.

To find out more about how ‘Life Change Therapy’ can help you see the web site at: or call the author, Peter Saville, on: 07733582087. Peter is a qualified hypnotherapist and a director of The Golden Hill Therapy Centre.