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Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy provides a method of going back to deal with the past in such a way that dissociates or separates you, from the negative emotion involved. This involves letting go of such negative emotions, of old patterns and limits, and of worries about the future and allows you to be happy, right now. Positive emotions replace the negative. The purpose of positive emotions is to give us mental and emotional energy to get things done-to accelerate us forward into our future.

I also use Time Line Therapy in conjunction with the Sedona Method, an approach that can be used in most situations and interactions to enhance every area of personal life. It shows you how to stop suppressing emotions or expressing them destructively and helps you to let go of them instead. Letting go of such negative emotions, thoughts about the past and worries about the future, of old patterns and limits, allows you to be happy, right now. Then you can experience the freedom, creative power and joy of the present.

You can learn how to improve relationships, create financial security, and release the fears that prevent you from achieving your goals. This method. will help you to let go of blocks to self-motivation and effectiveness & deal with stress and challenging situations. It can also help you make sound decisions, increase the fun and joy in your life, perform well under pressure, enhance energy, and resolve health problems.