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Some of Hazel’s Clients’ Experiences

Alison of West Wales wrote on June 28 2023:

“I came to Hazel regarding a recent trauma, but what I actually came away with was a life changing shift which resulted in a clarity and a new found inner strength. 

The way this worked for me was in a more simplistic self centered approach, which although it is dealing with your past experiences, looks at the emotions surrounding them and old unhealthy thought processes. If you allow yourself to be open to change, believe in the power of the mind and trust in Hazel’s expertise, then amazing things will happen.”

B. Jones from Wales on March 19 2023 wrote:

“Since having my Hypnotherapy session with Hazel it’s changed me making me more positive, confident and feeling I can tackle most things, I needed the therapy because I struggled with work issues, targets, and future projects by overthinking things.

I feel a different person after only 4 sessions and I would definitely advise others who struggle with similar issues to get in touch with Hazel – what a lovely lady and a fantastic experience.

Ffion of Carmarthenshire on Oct. 2022, wrote:

“The positive changes for me are that I’m able to slow down a lot more and am much more productive in my life. The therapy was very calming and I am a lot more grounded now. This is a therapy I am especially recommending to people who like me, have a keen interest in learning more about themselves.”

Serge of New York on March 11, 2021, wrote:

“I have been experiencing a condition known as Raynaud’s syndrome which reduces blood flow to your extremities, resulting in the affected part turning white and then blue with burning pain. I have been affected over the winter months for a number of years. The solution offered by my doctor was to move to a warmer climate. I thought that this was it and that I was destined to suffer from this level of pain for the rest of my life.

I then had a healing session with Hazel Saville regarding this condition. Please note that I live in New York where we experienced quite a bit of snow this winter with cold weather that we haven’t had in a couple of years. It wasn’t until two weeks after our session that it dawned on me that I had not experienced the burning pain in my fingers and that this issue had not surfaced in my mind. Then I began to monitor it to see how much of an improvement had been achieved. Shortly after, we began to experience heavy snow and very cold weather which required that I spend time outside shovelling the snow.

Being that I am from a tropical country my fingers have always got really cold in a short period of time being outside. However, now the coldness does not produce any burning pain in my fingers and when I return inside, my fingers return to their normal temperature almost at the same time as the rest of my body. The relief I have experienced as a result of my 1 session with Hazel, has provided much improvement to the quality of my life. I look forward to allowing her to use her skill and intuition in energy healing whenever I am experiencing a condition causing me suffering.”

CAH of Bournemouth, Dorset on Feb 2019, wrote:

“I have worked with three different Hypnotherapists and of these I found Hazel to be the most helpful, intuitive, and beneficial for my life. The Hypnosis helped me reveal long-forgotten memories and trauma which we then cleared and released. Hazel was skilled in prompting me and keeping me focused to reveal to me apparently unrelated life experiences, which I had found a coping mechanism to deal with, but now had the possibility of clearing from my subconscious completely. The 4 sessions with Hazel have been very powerful and I believe very helpful.”

A client who wished to be anonymous wrote: “I approached Hazel after suffering with eating disorders my entire adult life and following a frank discussion with my GP I decided I needed to get to the root of my issues. Hazel was superbly friendly and professionally approachable. I had no problem discussing this deeply personal and uncomfortable condition with her.

From the first session of therapy where I felt comfortable and in control, I started noticing changes in the way I felt and my eating routines. By the third and fourth sessions, I was feeling so much better myself and I was eating normally. Three months later and this effect is getting stronger. I have even felt comfy eating in a restaurant and the balance I now feel, positively affects every sphere of my life.

I was very sceptical, but I am a total convert and look forward to joining a weekend course to understand how this has made such a profound change in my life, a change I never thought possible.”

KR of Nice, France on March 2019, wrote:

“Working with Hazel was a revelation. She guided the process efficiently and kindly and once I allowed my mind to “flow” I was surprised at what came up to be released. It was a smooth and easy process.

I am delighted with what can be done aided by hypnosis and in the hands of a skilled practitioner. Hazel was gentle but firm, understanding and kind. I highly recommend her work. It will definitely change your life!”

Client experiences 2000 to 2019

Jill of Carmarthen following her three hypnotherapy sessions, said “I’ve been given the ability to lead myself where I want to go. I believed I couldn’t motivate myself. Now I can, and I feel I can do anything. I feel proud of myself now, and not afraid to be myself.”

Mark wrote: “Despite being worried at the idea of seeing a therapist, I was amazed that 3 sessions resolved issues which I’d spent most of my life trying to resolve.”

Jean of Swansea had specific goals that she wanted to achieve. Jean is 48 years old and spoke to me recently after completing a very difficult marathon. She was thrilled that even though she is short and, in her own words, “not sporty”, she had come in ahead of a lot of people much younger than her. She described her two sessions of therapy as “focusing my mind on achieving my goals and visualizing the end result. It’s made me very positive about everything so that when obstacles appear, it gives me the focus to keep on going on with it. Now that I’m in the right mind frame, I know anything is achievable. I’m able to focus my mental processes to do things – and I know it works.”

Cheryl of Carmarthen didn’t feel in control of her life. She lost 9 lbs over the course of three sessions, losing 1-2 lbs a week. She said “I haven’t been on a diet, and I’m not hungry at all. I eat no rubbish and think about what I eat. I am more relaxed and in control – my children and colleagues at work have noticed that I’m happier and more positive, even about things I can’t do anything about. Before I would have been unnerved by aggressive people – now I can just be detached from my anxiety and deal with them. I feel very different. It’s nothing like I expected. When we do trance work I know I’m in control of what’s happening. I’m not asleep but feel in such a very comfortable state. I feel in control even when I could be quite vulnerable. The positive changes I’ve made have had beneficial effects on my family and my colleagues.”

Elaine of Llanybydder brought her uncontrolled “comfort” eating back under her control after one session. After a second session, her weight remains steady, she is less anxious & emotional issues have been ironed out too. She described it as “like switching a light on & off – like being put back into control of that part of your life – but it’s not like being on a diet & each time feeling you’ve blown it if you have a binge. I can indulge occasionally if I choose to, but I’m in control of what I eat.”

Fiona of Llandysul was sceptical before she had her session. She’d been smoking for 19 years & had been trying to give up for the past year. She said: “I’m telling everyone it’s absolutely brilliant! It was so easy – I had no cravings & no withdrawal symptoms at all.” Fiona stopped smoking after one session.

Jo of Carmarthen related how much it helped her to discuss all the reasons, events and attitudes that were contributing to her excess weight. She found it very helpful to go back to the origin of the problem using timeline therapy because she was able to see now in retrospect how insignificant that specific event is. She lost 23lb over the space of a few months and continues to lose weight. She said, “For the first time in my life I feel that weight loss is a viable expectation and dependent only on my choice.”

Natalie of Tenby was a 15 yr old girl with a serious anger problem. She learnt quickly and within 3 sessions her life has been turned around. “I feel so much lighter,” she said after letting go of her rage about past issues.

Ellie of W Wales in her first session was freed from a life-threatening alcohol addiction and released from her depression. With further help from a few more sessions, she was able to release her painful feelings and thoughts regarding an abusive ex-husband and now lives a happy and fulfilled life.

Del of Carmarthen wrote how this work enabled her to get her comfort eating under control. She said “Now I am eating a lot healthier and I don’t binge eat chocolates, crisps, cakes & biscuits any more. This therapy has helped me work through my problems one by one and now I feel as if I am back in control of my own life.” Del scored this therapy work as 100% very helpful to her.

Dawn of Pembs wrote: “This therapy helped me to stop smoking, and just as importantly helped me to feel more relaxed, confident and happy with myself and my life generally”.

Yvonne of Carmarthen was helped with relationship problems. She wrote: Hypnotherapy pinpointed the areas of my life I needed to change for positive growth. Changing thought patterns, beliefs and attitudes have enabled me to feel a part of the world and the human race, rather than (as previously I was) an outsider. Now I am more trusting and open with other people. I am also more centred and have more belief in myself.

C. Thomas of Swansea wrote re one of my courses:

“Thank you, Hazel, for the wonderful gift of training in Theta DNA Healing. It was wonderful to see us all develop, blossom and grow during the course. How interesting to see the wide range of individual responses we had for the different sessions, and to hear the relevant images and messages that we each received from Source. I’ve found that your training has taken my practice both deeper and wider, and am thrilled at the changes it has wrought in me and what I can now offer clients, both face-to-face and over the phone. Oh, and as a tool for self-healing and development… seems that the possibilities are endless.”

Some of Peter’s Clients’ Experiences:

Georgia came to see Peter for help with her anxiety and panic attacks and wrote about her therapy: “It’s enabled me to chill out and take each day as it comes as opposed to worrying about what the next day may hold. I am now more independent and am able to control my emotions and negative thoughts.”

Chris Warren from Drefach, Llanelli had a horrendous motorcycle accident that left him with a right arm that he could not move from the shoulder for many years. Eventually, he had two operations to relocate the arm in the joint properly and then to transfer muscle tissue from another part of his body in an effort to regain movement. Both ops went wrong in that he developed serious infections. When that was solved he still couldn’t move his arm. Physio did not help much even though he could move the arm with his left one.

Chris’ arm is shown after one of the operations.

Finally, his surgeon told him he could not do any more other than offer to stitch the arm to his side to stop it from flopping about. After 1 session with me the arm ‘clicked’ properly into place. After 2 more sessions, he was able to freely move the arm. After 3 sessions he reported he had 80% mobility back in the arm and he was highly delighted. After his final session, he wrote to me “At the beginning of the therapy I had severe pain and lack of movement in the shoulder. I COULD NOT GET THROUGH THE PAIN ISSUE, SO IT WAS EASIER NOT TO MOVE MY ARM, AFTER 4 SESSIONS MY ARM IS 99.9% PAIN-FREE.”

On a scale of 1-10 for effectiveness, Chris rated this therapy a ’10’ and said “I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND TO SOMEBODY.”

Paul of Llanelli saw Peter for his fear of medical equipment, procedures and situations. Following the therapy, he wrote: “I had to go into hospital for a minor operation. Before my therapy, I would always get very anxious and when it finally came to have even a simple medical examination, I would react by sweating, panicking, and in many cases even fainting. Once my reaction had begun, I could not control or stop it and always found myself in the same sweaty, panicking mess and in most cases the examination or readings taken had to be redone or rescheduled for another time.

This is exactly the result I wanted to avoid during an upcoming operation. In total, I had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Peter, and they were very successful indeed. At the time when I was heading home from the sessions, I didn’t feel any different. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I felt normal, I was looking for some changes, but I felt the same as I had before the therapy. However, when the day of my operation arrived and it was time for me to go in, that is when I realised just how much of a change had indeed taken place.

I experienced virtually none of my usual negative reactions to the initial examination, which in past cases had been the sort of situation I would have found myself feeling very bad indeed, and probably would have fainted during.

When I went in for the actual operation, during which I was conscious, I coped extremely well. I used an anchoring technique that Peter showed me to focus my attention on my inner strength, and that technique in conjunction with the changes I wasn’t aware of made me more than capable of dealing with the situation I was in.

Once I was told that it was all done and I was moved into a recovery area, I remember thinking to myself about how far I had come from my last, much less invasive medical examination, and how proud I was of myself for lying there and making it through. I remember feeling very happy with myself and so grateful to Peter for the help I had received – before my therapy, I could not have even dared hope to have made it that far through an operation like that, yet I had indeed made it through, and with none of my usual symptoms of anxiety or adverse reactions, it was all reasonably casual and fairly normal feeling, I couldn’t have expected it to be better. My therapy made this possible, I firmly believe that, and although I had no way of gauging the success of the techniques before my operation, on the day I went into the hospital it was clear how successful the therapy had been, and for that, I am very very thankful.

I am quite aware that in the future I will indeed have to go to hospital for one reason or another, and I am no longer worried about how I will react on those occasions. It was such a major turning point for me to get that procedure done and not have my usual reactions and drama that I feel a 100% more confident about going back if I need to. Although the subject of medical procedures is not a particularly nice one, I now know that I can deal with the situation when it arises next.”