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Hypnotension (not Hypertension!)

Reducing High Blood Pressure in a Natural Way

The Hypnotension™ programme uses proven cognitive techniques and behavioural coaching to help you take control and ensure that high blood pressure is a thing of the past.
We can work alongside your GP to help you back to better health. We can help you identify and address the emotional and lifestyle factors that are unique to you, and together we can help you to lower or even return your blood pressure to more normal levels.
Think about this… even if you only managed a tiny reduction – 2.5/1.4 mm of mercury pressure – using the Hypnotension programme, it would still slash your risk of dying from a stroke by 12-14% and heart disease by 9-10%*!

*According to a study by FJ He, A MacGregor. Hypertension 2003 42: 1093-1099

Do you have primary or essential hypertension?

High blood pressure is defined as a reading of 140/90 mm of mercury pressure or higher over a period of several weeks. High blood pressure accounts for 20-25% of all deaths worldwide and affects approximately one in three people worldwide.
Over 90% of cases of high blood pressure are called Primary or Essential hypertension because there is no identifiable medical cause. And because the lifestyle and emotional factors which cause this form of high blood pressure need motivation and action on your part to change, doctors can usually only work to manage your symptoms. For many people, this means a lifetime of medication, constant uncertainty and worry about their future. 
For those who are willing to take action to help themselves, however, there is an alternative. The Hypnotension™ programme combines cognitive, behavioural and hypnosis-based techniques with lifestyle changes to tackle the emotional and lifestyle factors which underpin many primary or essential hypertension cases.

The Causes of High Blood Pressure

In the September 2011 review of hypertension research and has concluded that lifestyle factors and stress play a part in primary hypertension (review by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) – the body that approves drugs for NHS medical use).
Doctors often tell people with primary hypertension to:
• Stop smoking;
• Lose weight;
• Reduce alcohol;
• Reduce salt consumption;
• Increase exercise;
• Reduce the effects of the stress in their lives.

For most people that is easier said than done.

Our hypnotherapy for high blood pressure programme is very effective for all of the ‘aggravators’ listed above. We help you achieve these goals, where it’s appropriate to you.

However, the Hypnotension™ Programme goes much further. It looks at other lifestyle factors as well – the missing underlying ‘X-factors’ that doctors do not have the time to help with or identify. There are an additional 9 common X-factors that can raise the blood pressure. For example, needing to feel in control all of the time, or holding onto anger and resentments.

Can this really be true? Yes! It is a well known fact that blood pressure readings are influenced by the state of mind. For example around 30% of people can become hypertensive when their blood pressure is measured by someone else other than themselves – the so called ‘white coat’ effect. Also patients show a significant drop in blood pressure when hospitalised – even without any treatment and even for the hypertensive ones!

If you have high blood pressure (primary hypertension) the unique Hypnotension™ programme is designed to help you with to deal with all of the factors that cause and maintain it. And in a structured way it deals with each and every factor that is relevant to you. Hypnotension™ really does provide a healthy and natural way to return to a normal blood pressure level.

Peter is an accredited Hypnotension™ practitioner. Call him now on 07733582087 to make an appointment.